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Milkshakes that will shake you up: 6 must-visit spots in LA!

Los Angeles is a city that is known for its diverse food scene. From tacos to sushi, LA has it all. But what about milkshakes?

Milkshakes are a classic treat that can be enjoyed year-round, and LA has some of the best milkshake places in the country. Whether you're looking for a classic vanilla shake or a unique flavor combination, Los Angeles has something to offer.

When it comes to milkshakes, there are a few things that make a great shake. First, the milkshake should be thick and creamy. No one wants a watery shake. Second, the flavor should be spot on.

A chocolate shake should taste like chocolate, and a strawberry shake should taste like fresh strawberries. Finally, the presentation is important. A milkshake should be served in a tall glass with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

There are many milkshake places in LA that meet these criteria, but which ones are the best? In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best milkshake places in Los Angeles.

From classic diners to trendy cafes, we'll cover a range of places that offer delicious milkshakes. Whether you're a local or a tourist, this list will help you find the perfect milkshake spot in LA.

1. Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers

Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers
2575 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (Google Maps)

Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers is a must-visit milkshake place for anyone in search of a classic American fast-food experience.

The menu features burgers, fries, hot dogs, and chili cheese dishes, all made fresh to order. The star of the show, however, is the milkshake, which is thick, creamy, and absolutely delicious.

The ambiance is casual and unpretentious, with no frills or fuss. The staff is friendly and efficient, ensuring that your order is ready in no time.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal, Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers is the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings.

2. Monty's Good Burger

Monty's Good Burger
516 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020 (Google Maps)

Monty's Good Burger is a vibrant counter-serve restaurant that serves up delicious plant-based hamburgers, fries, shakes, and salads. The menu is simple and 100% plant-based, making it a great choice for vegans and plant-based dieters.

The burgers are made with the Impossible patty, which is prepared deliciously. The pickles add a unique flavor to the burgers, but customers can request them to be removed.

The tater tots maxed out are a must-try item on the menu. The milkshakes are like frosties and are highly satisfying. The service is fast, and the employees are attentive and helpful.

The seating is limited, but the cozy counter-style seating and the family-sized table are perfect for a quick, delicious meal. Monty's Good Burger is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tasty, plant-based meal.

3. Honeymee Japanese Village

Honeymee Japanese Village
120 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Google Maps)

Honeymee Japanese Village is a popular local chain spot that serves milk ice cream with honey and other sweet treats.

Their milkshakes are thick and the honey adds a nice touch of sweetness. The ice cream is high quality and they offer two flavors that are done really well.

The honeycomb is a perfect addition and goes well with the ice cream. The employees are friendly and offer samples, making the experience even better.

The inside is clean and the music playing adds to the ambiance. It's a great spot for a sweet treat in a bustling area.

4. Yummy Donut and Top Burger

Yummy Donut And Top Burger
5656 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (Google Maps)

Yummy Donut and Top Burger is a hidden gem that won't disappoint. This mom and pop shop offers a variety of affordable food that's surprisingly delicious.

The burgers are juicy and the donuts are heavenly. But the real star of the show is their milkshakes.

Creamy, thick, and oh-so-satisfying, these milkshakes are a must-try. The staff is friendly and the service is fast, making it a great spot for a quick bite.

Don't let the unassuming exterior fool you, Yummy Donut and Top Burger is a tasty surprise waiting to be discovered.

5. D-Town Burger Bar

D-Town Burger Bar
216 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 (Google Maps)

D-Town Burger Bar is a 1950s-style diner that serves classic American eats. The menu is basic with burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

However, the milkshakes are definitely worth trying. The shakes are rich, creamy, and come in a variety of flavors.

The staff is friendly and the diner has a cool atmosphere. Prices are reasonable, making it a great spot for a quick bite to eat.

If you're in the mood for a delicious milkshake, D-Town Burger Bar is definitely worth a visit.

6. Shake Shack West Hollywood

Shake Shack West Hollywood
8520 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069 (Google Maps)

Shake Shack West Hollywood is a gourmet burger chain that specializes in frozen custard and milkshakes.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious. The milkshakes are rich and flavorful, with a variety of classic and unique flavors to choose from.

The burgers are well-seasoned and cooked to perfection, and the fries are crispy and satisfying.

The outdoor seating area is a great place to enjoy a meal and soak up the atmosphere. Shake Shack West Hollywood is the perfect spot for a quick and delicious meal.