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Clam Digs: Unleashing LA’s 3 Best Places for Fried Clams!

Los Angeles may not be known for its seafood, but it's still possible to find some delicious fried clams in the city.

Whether you're a seafood lover or just looking for a tasty snack, there are plenty of options to choose from. But with so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we've scoured the city for the best places to get your fried clam fix. From classic seafood joints to hidden gems, we've got you covered.

So grab your appetite and get ready to discover the best fried clams in Los Angeles.

But before we jump into the recommendations, let's talk about what makes a good fried clam. First and foremost, the clams should be fresh and flavorful.

They should be lightly breaded and fried to perfection, with a crispy exterior and a tender, juicy interior. And of course, they should be served with a side of tartar sauce or lemon wedges for that extra zing.

So now that we know what we're looking for, let's dive into the top spots for fried clams in Los Angeles.

Whether you're a seafood connoisseur or just looking for a tasty treat, these places are sure to satisfy your cravings.

1. L & E Oyster Bar

L & E Oyster Bar
1637 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)

L & E Oyster Bar is a seafood restaurant and oyster bar that offers fresh oysters and seafood dishes daily.

Their fried clams are exceptional and worth the price. The friendly and attentive service adds to the cozy ambiance of the place.

The wine and salad menu could be better, but the selection of oysters is impressive. The outdoor seating area is a great spot for a casual dinner with friends or family.

L & E Oyster Bar is highly recommended for seafood lovers who want to indulge in some of the best fried clams in town.

2. Broad Street Oyster Company

Broad Street Oyster Company
Grand Central Market, 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Google Maps)

Broad Street Oyster Company is a seafood restaurant that serves premium-priced food.

They offer a variety of dishes, such as lobster rolls, fried clams, and clam chowder. The warm lobster roll and fries are a must-try and are insanely delicious.

The staff is friendly and helpful, making for a great dining experience. While the prices may be high, the quality of the food is worth it.

If you're in the mood for seafood and looking for a great atmosphere, Broad Street Oyster Company is the place to go.

3. Mario's Peruvian & Seafood

Mario's Peruvian & Seafood
5786 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (Google Maps)

If you're in the mood for some fried clams, head over to Mario's Peruvian & Seafood.

This Peruvian restaurant is a no-frills spot that serves up delicious seafood dishes, including their sautéed and fried seafood options.

While the parking lot can be tight, the service is great and the portions are generous.

Mario's is a popular spot, so be prepared to wait for a table, but it's definitely worth it for the tasty food.