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Club Sandwich Craze: 13 Must-Try Spots In LA

Los Angeles is home to some of the best food in the world, with a wide variety of cuisines available at every corner.

But today, we're focusing on one of America's classic sandwiches: the club sandwich.

The club sandwich is a staple in American cuisine, and Los Angeles has no shortage of great places to grab one.

Whether you're in the mood for a classic, straightforward club or a creative twist on the sandwich, there are plenty of options to choose from.

But what makes a great club sandwich? Is it the perfect balance of bread, meat, cheese, and toppings? Or is it the quality of the ingredients used?

Some may argue that it's the technique used to assemble the sandwich, while others may say it's the atmosphere of the restaurant that makes the sandwich taste even better.

No matter what your preference is, we've scoured the city to find the best places for club sandwiches.

From classic delis to trendy cafes, we've got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some of the best club sandwiches in Los Angeles.

1. Millie's Cafe

Millie's Cafe
3524 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)

Millie's Cafe is a Silver Lake staple that has been serving up homemade American breakfast and lunch since 1926.

The extensive menu includes plenty of vegan options, but the club sandwich is a standout. The portions are large and worth the money, and the service is quick and attentive.

The outdoor seating is a nice touch, and the plastic shields between tables provide a sense of safety during the pandemic.

If you're in the area and looking for a delicious club sandwich, Millie's Cafe is definitely worth a visit.

2. Nick's Cafe

Nick's Cafe
1300 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Google Maps)

Nick's Cafe is a Downtown staple since 1948. It offers a classic diner menu for breakfast and lunch in a bare-bones locale.

Their club sandwich is a must-try for sandwich lovers.

It's made with fresh ingredients and generous portions. The service is friendly and attentive, making for an enjoyable dining experience.

With its history and delicious food, Nick's Cafe is a must-visit spot for anyone in the area.

3. Marie's Coffee & Deli

Marie's Coffee & Deli
731 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017 (Google Maps)

Marie's Coffee & Deli is a charming mom-and-pop sandwich shop that serves up delicious and affordable food.

The baguette used for sandwiches is perfect and the ingredients are always fresh. The staff is polite and provides quick service.

The limited seating below is compensated by more seating upstairs. It's a great spot for breakfast or lunch, and the coffee is pretty good too.

Highly recommended for anyone in the area looking for a satisfying meal.

4. Modern Eats

Modern Eats
2590 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039 (Google Maps)

Modern Eats is a local cafe that serves up a mean club sandwich. The atmosphere is casual and hipster, with both indoor and outdoor seating available.

The menu has a variety of diner staples and unique dishes, with vegetarian substitutions available.

The prices are reasonable for the generous portions served. The service is quick and friendly, and the food is consistently delicious.

If you're in the mood for a tasty club sandwich, Modern Eats is the place to go.

5. Brothers Sandwich

Brothers Sandwich
3274 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020 (Google Maps)

Brothers Sandwich is a must-visit spot for anyone in search of a delicious club sandwich.

With its high-quality ingredients and delicate flavors, this sandwich shop turns a casual sandwich into an art form.

The bread is soft and moist, and the meat is cut thin, creating the perfect texture.

Though parking can be difficult to find, the hassle is worth it for the delicious sandwiches. The California, Meatball, and Brothers sandwiches are all highly recommended.

6. Reggie's Deli & Cafe

Reggie's Deli & Cafe
citi bank lobby, 1910 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)

Reggie's Deli & Cafe is a hidden gem for sandwich lovers. The prices are reasonable for the huge, delicious club sandwich that comes with coleslaw and a pickle.

The friendly crew and great food make it a perfect spot to chill and enjoy a flavorful smoothie.

The indoor and outdoor seating is casual, and the customer service is top-notch. The extensive menu offers something for everyone, and the chicken pesto panini and bacon, egg, and cheese croissants are must-try items.

Reggie and his family-run business make you feel welcomed every time you visit this cozy sandwich shop.

7. Monte Carlo Cafe

Monte Carlo Cafe
109 E 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Google Maps)

If you're looking for a simple and delicious club sandwich, Monte Carlo Cafe is the place to be.

This small American and Hispanic food joint offers a variety of tasty dishes at incredibly affordable prices.

The friendly staff and warm ambiance make it a great spot to grab breakfast or lunch.

Highly recommended for those seeking a no-frills dining experience.

8. JT Cafe

Jt Cafe
231 Venice Blvd. #3533, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Google Maps)

If you're in the mood for a delicious club sandwich, JT Cafe is the place to go.

This American and breakfast restaurant offers a diverse menu with affordable prices.

The food is presented beautifully and tastes amazing.

The quick service and friendly staff make the experience even better. Don't miss out on this hidden gem in downtown LA.

9. Larchmont Bungalow Cafe

Larchmont Bungalow Cafe
2110 Sunset Blvd suite n, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)

Larchmont Bungalow Cafe is a charming and relaxed cafe that serves a variety of delicious sandwiches, including their fantastic club sandwich.

The menu also features a wide selection of breakfast items, soups, and salads.

The outdoor seating area is a great spot to enjoy your meal and soak up some fresh air. Service is fast and efficient, making it a great option for a lowkey meal.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great sandwich in a laid-back atmosphere.

10. Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms
735 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017 (Google Maps)

Mendocino Farms is a gourmet sandwich shop that prides itself on using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Their club sandwiches are a must-try.

They offer unique flavor combinations and use delicious sesame seed buns. The portions may seem small, but they are the perfect size.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the service is fast. The restaurant also offers a variety of sides and salads that are worth trying.

If you are looking for a fresh and different sandwich experience, then Mendocino Farms is the place to go.

11. Bird's Nest Cafe

Bird's Nest Cafe
2403 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (Google Maps)

Bird's Nest Cafe is a low-key, quick-serve cafe that offers a variety of comfort food, including their delicious club sandwich.

The cafe has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, and the staff is prompt and friendly. The food is fresh and well-prepared, with ample portions.

In addition to the club sandwich, they offer a range of other sandwiches, burgers, and desserts. The cafe also has a parking lot in the back, which is a plus.

If you're looking for a casual spot to grab a tasty club sandwich, Bird's Nest Cafe is definitely worth checking out.

12. Fat Sal's Deli

Fat Sal's Deli
1300 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (Google Maps)

Fat Sal's Deli is a counter-serve chain that serves up creative heroes, burgers, hot dogs, and sides in a hip space.

The sandwiches are loaded with crazy ingredients, and the flavors all work really well together.

The garlic bread used as a hoagie roll is a nice touch, and the shakes are incredible. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the communal sitting is a plus.

It can get crowded, but it's worth the wait. Perfect for when you're super hungry and in the mood to eat.

13. Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery
801 S Figueroa St Ste 150, Los Angeles, CA 90017 (Google Maps)

Corner Bakery is a casual, counter-serve cafe chain that offers a standard menu of sandwiches, pasta, and pastries.

They have a variety of bread options for their sandwiches, including their famous pretzel bread ham sandwich. The service is fast and attentive, and the restaurant is clean and well-maintained.

They offer party trays for group business meetings and have plenty of seating for casual lunches with co-workers. Their pick 2 option allows for unlimited combinations of half portions from their soup, salad, sandwich, or panini menus, making it a great value for those on a budget.

While it may be a chain cafe, Corner Bakery is a solid go-to place for a delicious club sandwich or any other sandwich option.