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Sweet Tooth’s Heaven: Indulge in LA’s 15 Best Bakeries!

Los Angeles is a city of endless possibilities and experiences. From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the laid-back vibes of Venice Beach, LA has something for everyone. But one thing that unites all Angelenos is their love for baked goods.

Whether it's a croissant for breakfast, a sandwich on freshly baked bread for lunch, or a decadent cake for a special occasion, there's no shortage of bakeries in LA to satisfy your cravings.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. That's why we've scoured the city to bring you the best bakeries in Los Angeles.

From traditional French patisseries to trendy spots serving up innovative pastries, we've got you covered.

But what makes a bakery truly great? Is it the quality of the ingredients, the skill of the bakers, or the variety of offerings? We believe it's a combination of all three, as well as the overall experience of visiting the bakery.

A great bakery should transport you to another world, where the smells and tastes of freshly baked goods tantalize your senses and make you forget about the outside world for a little while.

So, whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor to LA in search of the perfect pastry, we hope our list of the best bakeries in Los Angeles will guide you on your culinary journey.

Get ready to indulge in some of the most delicious baked goods the city has to offer.

1. Phoenix Bakery

Phoenix Bakery
969 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Google Maps)

Phoenix Bakery is a traditional Asian-style bakery that offers a range of delicious pastries and cakes.

The cream is fresh and delectable, and the almond cookies, pork buns, and lotus pastry are exceptional.

The bakery also offers a variety of classic cakes with whip cream and almonds on the side.

The customer service is excellent, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. Although parking is limited, it's well worth the visit to this Chinatown institution.

2. Angel Maid Bakery

Angel Maid Bakery
4542 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (Google Maps)

Angel Maid Bakery is a little gem of a bakery that offers fantastic baked goods at reasonable prices.

The cakes and pastries are light, fluffy, and not overly sweet, making them perfect for those who prefer desserts that are not overpowering. The selection can be limited for walk-ins, but ordering ahead will give you a better selection.

The staff is friendly, and the customer service is excellent. The only downside is the limited parking, but finding a spot around the bakery is not too challenging.

All in all, Angel Maid Bakery is a must-visit for anyone looking for high-quality desserts in the area.

3. Bread Lounge

Bread Lounge
700 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (Google Maps)

Bread Lounge is a modern bakery and cafe that serves a variety of artisanal baked goods and sandwiches.

The atmosphere is industrial and minimalist, with a beautiful seating area in the back. The bread is made the way it's supposed to be, and the croissants are of high quality.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the customer service is top-notch. However, parking can be a little tough to find.

Despite that, Bread Lounge is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for delicious baked goods and a cozy place to relax.

4. Sweet Lily Bakery Cafe

Sweet Lily Bakery Cafe
3315 Cahuenga Blvd W, Los Angeles, CA 90068 (Google Maps)

Sweet Lily Bakery Cafe is a must-visit for pastry lovers. Their wide variety of delicious pastries is perfect for breakfast or any time of day.

Although slightly pricier than other bakeries, the quality of their pastries justifies the cost. The raspberry tart is a must-try, with a perfect balance of a hard and soft base, fresh raspberries, and just the right amount of custard.

The cafe has a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for a quick brunch or picking up a treat.

The baguettes are also highly recommended, with great products used to create a simple and well-made sandwich. This bakery is a great spot for those looking for an authentic French bakery experience.

5. Proof Bakery

Proof Bakery
3156 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039 (Google Maps)

Proof Bakery is a worker-owned cooperative that offers freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, and locally roasted coffee.

Their croissants are extra flaky and their chocolate chip cookies are super delicious. The bakery uses high-quality ingredients to make their sweet and savory products.

The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is trendy and hipster. However, the streamline process may make it harder to initiate a meaningful, personal interaction.

The bakery is a great spot for a quick breakfast or lunch, but be prepared for a line during peak hours.

6. Cake Girl

Cake Girl
2100 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90033 (Google Maps)

Cake Girl is a hidden gem for those looking for gluten-free and dairy-free baked goods.

Their assortment of pastries, cakes, and cookies are always fresh and delicious. The flavors rotate frequently, so there's always something new to try.

Cake Girl also offers vegan options and is allergy considerate. The staff provides great customer service and the diner vibe makes it a great spot to enjoy your treats.

If you're in the mood for a sweet treat, Cake Girl is the perfect spot to indulge.

7. Rockenwagner Bakery, Cafe + Market

Rockenwagner Bakery, Cafe + Market
12835 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (Google Maps)

Rockenwagner Bakery, Cafe + Market is a charming bakery that offers delicious German-style baked goods.

The staff is cheerful and the service is amazing. The bakery has a large selection of pastries and other baked goods that are all wonderful.

The coffee drinks are perfect every time. The atmosphere is inviting and the bakery has a great European/California style and flavor to it.

This is a must-visit bakery for anyone who loves quality baked goods.

8. Diamond Bakery L.A

Diamond Bakery L.a
335 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (Google Maps)

Diamond Bakery L.A is a kosher bakery that has been serving up fresh and delicious baked goods for decades.

The quality of their breads, bagels, and pastries is exceptional and their friendly and courteous customer service is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The bakery offers an impressive selection of Jewish sweets and treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

While recent price increases may limit some customers' visits, the quality and taste of the bakery's offerings make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking for fresh and tasty baked goods.

9. Queen's Bakery

Queen's Bakery
809 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Google Maps)

Queen's Bakery is an established dessert bakery that offers a wide variety of Chinese pastries and Western cakes and cookies.

The bakery is known for its delicious cakes, cream puffs, and almond cookies. The mango cake and rice puffs are also highly recommended.

The staff is cordial and attentive, ensuring a pleasant experience for all customers. While parking may be a challenge, the bakery's affordable prices and delectable treats are worth the effort.

For those looking for traditional and delightful desserts, Queen's Bakery is a must-try.

10. Cake Monkey Bakery

Cake Monkey Bakery
7807 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (Google Maps)

Cake Monkey Bakery is a charming pastry shop that offers a variety of freshly baked pastries and desserts.

Their mini-cakes, pies, and scones are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Cake Monkey Bakery is a great place to stop by for a quick treat or to pick up some delicious desserts for a special occasion.

11. Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe DTLA

Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe Dtla
328 1st St First Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Google Maps)

Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe DTLA is a must-visit bakery for anyone who loves fresh bread and delicious coffee.

Their bread is soft and fluffy, and their coffee is top-notch. The bakery has a wide range of baked goods, including custard-filled buns and butter rolls.

They also offer unique drinks like the lavender latte and matcha cold brew. The bakery's cute and cozy atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and enjoy a tasty treat.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely breakfast, Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe DTLA is the perfect spot.

12. Yamazaki Bakery

Yamazaki Bakery
123 Japanese Village Plaza Mall #3908, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Google Maps)

Yamazaki Bakery is a Japanese bakery that offers a wide range of delicious baked goods.

From steamed buns to soft breads, their pastries are worth checking out. The bakery is well-priced and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Customers love their cream pan, curry donuts, and strawberry roll cakes. The bakery is bustling and offers a counter-serve cafe experience.

If you're looking for Japanese-style baked goods, Yamazaki Bakery is a must-visit.

13. United Bread & Pastry

United Bread & Pastry
1515 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)

United Bread & Pastry is a family-owned Filipino bakery that has been serving the community for many years.

The bakery offers a wide variety of authentic Filipino baked goods, from ube pastries to chicken empanadas.

Customers rave about the turon, a deep-fried banana and jackfruit dessert wrapped in a crispy egg roll wrapper. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the prices are reasonable.

While parking may be a challenge, the bakery is worth the visit for anyone looking to experience the true taste of Manila.

14. Bibi's Bakery & Cafe

Bibi's Bakery & Cafe
8928 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035 (Google Maps)

Bibi's Bakery & Cafe is a family-owned bakery that offers authentic Middle Eastern and Jewish baked goods.

Their freshly baked pita bread is a must-try, and their challah bread is simply delicious. They also offer a variety of pastries, cookies, and other sweet treats.

The service is great, and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. Despite the long wait times, the quality of the food and the reasonable prices make it worth it.

If you're looking for authentic Middle Eastern and Jewish baked goods, Bibi's Bakery & Cafe is the place to go.

15. Roji Bakery

Roji Bakery
807 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (Google Maps)

Roji Bakery is a charming Euro-Japanese bakery that serves unique sweet and savory goods in an industrial-chic space.

The bakery has a variety of freshly made bread, croissants, danishes, and sandwiches that are all delicious and reasonably priced.

The staff is friendly and the coffee is great. The bakery also offers a Thai iced tea with espresso that is a must-try.

The bakery is perfect for a quick grab-and-go breakfast or lunch. Roji Bakery is a hidden gem that is definitely worth a visit.