Game On: Discovering the Top 11 Arcades in Los Angeles!

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your weekend in Los Angeles? Look no further than the city's best arcades.

Whether you're a fan of classic games or the latest high-tech experiences, L.A. has something for everyone.

From retro pinball machines to immersive virtual reality experiences, the city's arcades offer a wide range of games and activities.

Many of these arcades also feature food and drink options, making them the perfect destination for a night out with friends or family.

But with so many arcades to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth your time?

In this blog post, we'll be reviewing some of the best arcades in Los Angeles, so you can make the most of your next gaming adventure. So grab your quarters and get ready to play!

1. EightyTwo

707 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Google Maps)

EightyTwo is a cool arcade bar with a retro vibe. They have a great selection of classic arcade games and pinball machines, all for a quarter per play.

The bar serves up tasty cocktails and there's even a DJ playing music in the background.

The outdoor patio is a nice touch, but parking can be a bit of a challenge.

It's a fun spot to hang out with friends and relive some childhood memories.

2. Dreamscape

10250 Santa Monica Blvd Level 2, Los Angeles, CA 90067 (Google Maps)

Dreamscape offers an incredible virtual reality experience that is well worth the visit. The staff are knowledgeable and make the entire process comfortable and enjoyable.

The VR gear is easy to use and the attention to detail in the experience itself is impressive.

The interactive nature of the adventures makes it a unique experience that is fun for all ages.

While it can be a bit pricey, the overall experience is worth the cost. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fun and immersive adventure.

3. Button Mash

Button Mash
1391 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)

Button Mash is a great arcade for those who love classic games. They offer a variety of games including pinball machines, shooters, racing games, and PacMan.

The arcade also has a dining area with a good selection of American Asian fusion food and craft beers.

The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is clean and friendly. The only downside is that parking can be difficult to find, so carpooling is recommended.

All in all, Button Mash is a fun and entertaining place to visit with friends.

4. Los Virtuality

Los Virtuality
11901 Santa Monica Blvd # 204, Los Angeles, CA 90025 (Google Maps)

Los Virtuality is a modern arcade with a great selection of virtual reality games for solo players and group parties.

They have over 40 games to choose from, including FPS, sports, and comic book themes. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they provide excellent customer service.

The arcade is spacious and clean, and they offer reasonable prices for their games and services. It's a great place to spend some bonding time with your kids or have a private birthday party.

Los Virtuality is highly recommended for anyone looking for a fun and engaging arcade experience.

5. Barcade

5684 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042 (Google Maps)

Barcade is a retro arcade with a great selection of craft beers on tap and elevated bar food.

The arcade games are well maintained and plentiful, including pinball machines. Customers can enjoy a fun atmosphere and affordable prices.

The customer service is great and staff is friendly. The only downside is that the food could be improved.

Despite that, Barcade is a must-visit for arcade game enthusiasts and beer lovers.

6. Moon Age Virtual Reality Arcade

Moon Age Virtual Reality Arcade
2208 East 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90033 (Google Maps)

Looking for a great arcade experience with monthly deals and tournaments to keep you coming back for more fun and excitement with your friends and family or even alone, then look no further than Moon Age Virtual Reality Arcade.

This video arcade is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some quality gaming time, especially on Fridays when the bros come together for a free-for-all.

Don't miss out on the fun at Moon Age Virtual Reality Arcade!

7. Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus
634 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (Google Maps)

Two Bit Circus is a tech-infused indoor leisure complex that offers a unique arcade experience. It features virtual reality games, arcade games, and story-based escape rooms that are perfect for groups.

The facility also has a full bar and mini-restaurant that serves family-friendly food, including vegetarian options.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the facility is well-ventilated and clean. While there is no onsite parking, paid parking and valet options are available nearby.

Two Bit Circus is a great place to have fun with friends and family, and it offers something for everyone.

8. Jimenez Arcade

Jimenez Arcade
2128 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (Google Maps)

Jimenez Arcade is a family-friendly arcade that offers a variety of arcade games and pool tables.

The owner and his wife are known for their friendly attitude and welcoming environment, making it a great place to unwind and have some fun.

With no smoking or alcohol distractions, just pure family fun, Jimenez Arcade is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Whether you're looking for a quick game of pool or want to try your hand at some classic video games, Jimenez Arcade has something for everyone.

9. Family Arcade LA

Family Arcade La
876 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029 (Google Maps)

Family Arcade LA is a great spot for arcade enthusiasts. With a mix of both classic and modern games, there's something for everyone.

The all-day pass for $25 is a good deal, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

While the exterior may not look like much, the interior is lively and well-maintained.

It's definitely worth a visit for a fun night out with friends or family.

10. XLanes LA

Xlanes La
333 Alameda St #300, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Google Maps)

XLanes LA is a fun and modern arcade that offers a variety of activities for all ages. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the place is always clean.

They have a great selection of arcade games, pool tables, and bowling lanes. The food is tasty and the drinks are good.

The atmosphere is lively and upbeat, making it a great spot to hang out with friends or family.

The only downside is that it can get quite crowded at times. If you're looking for a fun night out, XLanes LA is definitely worth checking out.

11. Dave & Buster's Los Angeles – Hollywood

Dave & Buster's Los Angeles - Hollywood
6801 Hollywood Blvd Suite C3-343, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (Google Maps)

Looking for a fun arcade experience in Hollywood that won't disappoint you or your group of friends or family members, then Dave & Buster's is the place to be.

With a great selection of games that caters to both kids and adults, you'll be spoilt for choice.

The bar offers everything from hard liquor to beer with plenty of TV screens to watch your favorite sports games. The staff is friendly and accommodating, making sure you have an enjoyable experience.

The food is great, and the prices are reasonable. Dave & Buster's is a perfect spot to visit with your friends or family for an enjoyable and memorable experience.